I rescued Savannah from a Los Angeles Shelter in February, 1992. She was a year old when our hearts first beat together. I soon discovered that Savannah’s life mission was to find every homeless critter in need. Among her highlights: Savannah rescued and helped to raise a fledgling mockingbird, “Bubba,” which made the NBC news. One day a kitten followed Savannah home. Almost a year later, the kitten’s brother mustered up the courage to be a copycat. To this day the brothers “Mac ‘n Tosh” reside together with Wendy’s father. Savannah’s most prolific quest was her demonstration of true, unconditional love with Liberty. Savannah provided the shattered pup a haven of healing. Her tireless nurturing allowed the terror Liberty had endured to slowly melt away. To experience Liberty’s claim of freedom and her continuous growing joy is a miracle in itself. Savannah made it happen. This website is Liberty's and my tribute to her. I am so inspired with Savannah Liberty. What better way than to honor all precious pets and ourselves than to wear our matching sets of jewelry together, cherished right next to our hearts! Savannah's passing was the most difficult moment that Liberty and I have shared but we know that our girl keeps watch over us. Needless to say Savannah's spirit forever beats in our hearts. Savannah Liberty’s creator Wendy Young was born into a family surrounded with a menagerie of animals. Besides being raised with ordinary domestic pets, Wendy’s father, actor Alan Young danced with a lion in the film “Androcles and the Lion” and then spent years as “Wilbur” talking with a horse in the 1960’s television series “Mister Ed.” Wendy’s creative diversity began at age nine when she danced with the Bolshoi Ballet. Later she was on Broadway and in London both as a performer and a director/choreographer. Now living in Los Angeles, Wendy is an instructor of the performing arts, for special needs children and adults. As a lyricist/songwriter, her favorite project to date is “Dancing In The Rain: A Tribute To Two Sons, ” which will launch its website in winter of 2009.

Angela Murray, born and raised in Southern California, has always had a love for the arts, travel and animals. Her varied background includes retail buying, floral and graphic design and in 2004 she opened a Web-based boutique called “Pearl Grey.” Now having joined the Savannah Liberty team, Angela has entered the world of jewelry making. “I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a passionate project with Wendy. Our creative process is one filled with joy and a complete understanding of the deep bond people share with their beloved pets,” she says. Angela’s designs are often inspired by her English Bulldog, Sophie.

Savannah Liberty is so grateful for our Angela with her steadfast commitment and amazing talent. And a huge thank you to Cheryl Poindexter for all of her love and support for enabling us to have our beautiful website up and running!

Liberty picked up “Lovie Dovie” one
night during our walk. I thought she
had a twig stuck in her mouth. It was
the fledgling's feet!
"Bubba" was rescued by
Savannah...with a little
help from a neighborhood


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