Bey’s Double & Triple Fantasy

“Bey” escaped from the same animal shelter as Chewey – They’re true chain gang soul-mates! Bey says she is living proof that even us “Pits” can beat the rap out of a shelter and have a fairy-tail of a fantasy come true. Never giving up hope, she saw through those double, triple chained gates separating her from a forever home. She is now living in beautiful Camarillo, California. And what a collection she has created!
Style: Bey’s Double & Triple Fantasy – Necklace 21-24 inches • Description: Double-chain in antique gold-colored metal and photo locket. Silver-colored metal w/ moonframe or frame with plastic covering. Double and triple-chain copper-colored metal w/ frame. Lobster claw closure. Charm(s), beading, glass.

Sophie’s Silver

Chewey is the “beau of the ball” especially when he is with Sophie! Sophie carries a wee torch for Chewey, but her main squeeze is her Daddy. In his arms, Sophie proudly shows off her fave collar!
Style: Sophie’s Silver – Necklace, collar, bracelet, anklet - All sizes. Description: Silver-colored, zinc-coated metal chain. Four link sizes – “Heavy Metal” (hm), “Rock n’ Roll” (rr), “Soft Rock”(sr) and “Smooth Jazz” (sj). Silver metal moonframe, frame with plastic cover or locket and charm(s). Lobster claw or toggle clasp. As is or special order

Minnie’s Bronze

Minnie 2 Shoes was literally dumped in front of Savannah Liberty’s home. Chewey says “Minnie sure keeps you on your toes!”
Style: Minnie’s Bronze – Necklace or Collar.  All sizes.
Bronze-colored metal chain. Silver metal frame with plastic covering. Silver metal charms with green, red, or white rhinestones.  Lobster claw or toggle clasp.  As is or special order.

Cubby’s Gold

One of Chewey’s favorite rescue stories is the Cubby King, who Savannah met at a sidewalk mobile rescue and brought straight home and into our hearts. This handsome, precious boy lived with us for three golden years. Style: Cubby’s Gold – Necklace, collar, bracelet. anklet.  All sizes. • Description: Gold-colored metal chain.  Two link sizes “Soft Rock” (sr) & “Smooth Jazz” (sj) with locket, charm(s).  Lobster claw or toggle clasp.  As is or special order.

Sammy’s Black Velvet

On Thanksgiving Eve, 2008 this handsome, black velvet face was staring at us from behind bars in a local animal shelter. Needless to say “Sammy” came home with us in time to enjoy our turkey dinner. It was love at first sight for both Liberty and Sammy. And, of course Chewey put him straight to work!
Style: Sammy’s Black Velvet – Necklace, collar, bracelet, anklet.  All sizes. Description: Black-colored metal chain.  One link size “Soft Rock” with silver metal locket and silver metal charms.  Silver lobster claw or toggle clasp.  As is or special order.

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