Snow White was saved at the midnight hour from a Los Angeles Shelter. Not by a Prince, but by her immense loving spirit and charm. As of October, '09 she is awaiting her Prince or Princess Charming to take her to their fairytale of a happily-ever after permanent home. For further info please contact

Below are a few sample's from Snow White's Collection.  Prices vary according to size/specific order/market value and are subject to change.  Metal charm $5.00-$10.00 each.  Copper, silver and gold charm $10.00-$20.00 each.  Saint Francis medal (metal, as shown) $5.00 - Medal comes in silver or gold and priced accordingly. Charms available while supply lasts.
Please contact us for further, detailed info on charm request. We update our charms frequently and have seasonal specials.  And ask about our beading, glass, stone and crystals - we carry a rainbow of choices!


Sophie’s Silver

Crosses (small- large), silver & gold metal crown with rhinestones,  peace sign (large), sparkly bone, angel, "Best," dragon, hanging cat, lion, kitty sit, kitty, cat face, small bone, dog sit, medium-fat bone, bird, bird sit, hollow dove, large butterfly, small butterfly, pooper-scooper (shovel), "I love my dog" with blue enamel, fish-caught, fish, fish-scale, Saint Francis Medal, little person, people feet, hearts, key to heart, lizard on button, lock n'
key, rose, wishing bone dog or kitty dish, Bulldog, four-leaf clover (small and large), pig.  Not shown: Paw print(s) moonframe and silver frame.

Cubby’s Gold
"Best," star pendant, angel on quarter moon, "Be
Here Now" (charms are individual), hanging cat,
cross's.  Not shown:  Gold skull, gold metal locket and gold frame.
Lil' Tyke's Copper
"Best," enamel butterfly, "Fleur-de-lys" (with or without beading), small crown, large crown, key and heart-lock, dog, trio metal hearts, three-leaf clover, "I believe," squirrel, dove on heart, hollow heart, heart.  Not shown: Copper metal frame.
Wendy Young • Angela Murray 818 762-8605
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